LABEL. In 2009 brainplanrecords was started as a format for small batch audio releases. To this day, it's growing roster represents punk, experimental and noise explorations through cassette and CD formats. Other contributions include layout, screen printing, and graphic design.  


     PERFORMANCE INSTALLATIONS. using techniques including site - specific choreography, urban noise, and collaboration. Performance and visual installations have been evolving since 1999 involving elements of musical composition, and constructed set pieces. Aliases include: Car Phyte, ECMO, Dr. Evilletown, Eleanor Moore, Betty Nelson, and ECM. Previous collaborators include Kara Walker, Misnomer Dance Theatre, Breck Brunson, Justin Hicks, Robert McNeill, Eliza Fernand, Rachel Mijares Fick, and Robert Robinson.


     BANDS. Crammm. Car Phyte. Dr. Evilletown. Hatecha. Rathaus. Circle Moons. Norris..... Writing. Guitar. Bass. Drums. Vocals. Toys. Handmade Instruments. 'Cello. Tapes. Dulcimer. Drum machines.


     RECORDING AND PRODUCTION. Rathaus. Youthpant. Car Phyte. Norris. Circle Moons. Hatecha. Concetta and Charlie.


     HISTORY. studied performance and visual arts at Interlochen and Juilliard. Professional work can be classified as Dance, Music, Sculpture, Theater, etching and drawing. Additionally, lo-fi audio recording and production.