Inside Outside examines hectic urban life under the microscope of headphones. Comforting, but also isolating, this technology is essential to almost any demographic. What if there was a way to share the experience of headphones with another person? Pre - existing structures such as tupperware containers, and large garbage cans as micro - habitats for the audience / guests. Some will be suspended, some will be propped on their sides. All will have interior speakers hooked up to pre- recorded music. We encourage the audience to spend some time listening TOGETHER in our vessels. INSIDE OUTSIDE explores themes of separation, togetherness, and intimacy. It is a love letter to everyone, regardless of age and background. An invitation to be curious, adventurous; to try!

Additionally, a small craft project will be optional for participants. Using cardboard tubing, and filler materials such as dry rice and paper clips, the participants will be encouraged to make their own sound vessels to take home. Part musical instrument, part art project, these pieces will mirror the large structures hosting the sounds.

This project is designed for ALL AGES, and would ideally be free to the public. We would love the opportunity to try this once indoors in some sort of rehearsal space or office, as well as outdoors in a public park space.



The root of this idea, lies in the experience of immersing yourself in the vessels. Almost like small caves, only a portion of each body will be able to fit inside. Participants are encouraged to experience these structures head first! Let your ears be your guides. The sides of each object will be almost completely untouched, with the exception of small internal speaker, and hole drilled for wiring. The outside of each vessel will be very brightly decorated in a paper  - mache style, using bits of paper, glue, flour and paint. The outside says " come investigate!" while the interior encourages lingering.



Instrumentation will include guitar, percussion, light synthesizer / white noise / and sparse vocals. Composed, and recorded beforehand. Each object will house an individual track / instrument from the score. There will be only one container projecting the piece in it's entirety. Eventually, the score will be available through some sort of tangible recording.



It is very rare for performance art to speak to all ages; specifically families. It is my hope that young children as well as adults will find a new appreciation for the abstract, as well as each other, through attending these performance installations.